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Stories & Notes From Friends & Family

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What a great friend! We have known each other since filming the movie”Fish Food” at her beautiful home. What a wonderful, loving person.

– Armand LeSage

I just happened to check on this beloved website address, that used to mean so much for the Villas! I cannot tell you how impressed I am to see such a beautiful and heartwarming usage of it! Congratulations for your website! I am impressed and touched! I met Susan many times, and seeing her here, I easily recall her soft voice and wise words of advice! Thank you so much for sharing with us the life of such a wonderful lady! All the best to you and your family!!

– Diane Russell

One of my best memories of my mom is her gardening.  Growing up in the city, there was little space for nature. someone mom turned the backyard into a regular zoo and farm, allowing me to keep turtles and raise rabbits.  She would grow all sorts of vegetables in addition to the standard flowers and bush.  Asparagus, green bean, carrots, tomatoes, corn, even an attempt at pumpkin.   Long before organic growing existed, those rabbit dropping would be the fertilizer for the vegetables and instead of cooking them, she would push us to go out and “snack” on the output.  It was fantastic. 

– Debbie Kurth

Sue Howard was a vivacious teenager when I knew her at Long Beach Poly. She lent her enthusiasm to all around her and I am sure that she continued throughout her life.

– Erik Nelson

Our mother made the most amazing chili. As children Sue and I went and copied it down and made our own version of it using mud, water ,dried chilis and using tin foil to pretend we are cooking.  Everything was perfect, until Sue asked me to taste the “Chili”..where I screamed with it burning my mouth.  Sue rain and got some ice to cool my mouth down. 

– Dori Howard Roberts

I have fond memories of Miss Sue. She was a patient in our Dental office. Talk about an infectious smile! Sue ALWAYS had a smile for all of us in the office. We looked forward to her visits every time we saw he name on the schedule. We were saddened when the drive to Huntington Beach just became too much for her & Hudson. We were blessed that their daughter Debbie remained in the area & kept coming her and would fill us in on how she was doing. She will be greatly missed.

– Michelle Taylor

Class of 1956
We met riding the bus to away football games of Poly. I was in the marching band and Susan was a pom pom girl. We used to take social dance at both Poly and LBCC and enjoyed the companionship. We kept in touch later at the Poly Reunions. Susan was a wonderful friend.

– Don Evan Appleby